Community Issue - poetry, prose, art

             Able Muse - Community Issue - May 2001               

  FEATURED POET:    Len Krisak
  FEATURED ARTIST: Diane Fenster
  PHOTOGRAPHY:     Jochen Brenneke
  INTERVIEW:          Rhina P. Espaillat

  The Eratosphere Poet Contest - judged by Timothy Steele
  The Tipsy Muse Poetry Contest - judged by A. E. Stallings

  POETRY: Ballard, Bridgford, Fowler, Hayes, Kane, Kourous,
               Lewis, Lindner, Marris, Newman, Raphael, Reeser,
               Ridland, Schaffner, Sheridan, Stallings, Vaughan,
               Wakefield, Wagner, White, Catullus, Sappho

  FICTION: Judith Beck,   Ted Berryman,
               Kim Bridgford, Andrew Wilson

metrical poetry, fiction, art, photography, online workshops

poetry, poems, art, fiction





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