Able Muse / Eratosphere Newsletter - Winter 2011

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Able Muse/Eratosphere Newsletter
Winter 2011
Able Muse jingle bells

Want to add more jolly to the Holidays season?
Here are some glad tidings from Able Muse & Eratosphere news and updates! :)

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The New Issue of Able Muse now in print & online
Call for Submissions: Write Prize & Book Award
Now Available from Able Muse Press
Coming Soon from Able Muse Press
Able Muse (print) Back Issues/Subscription & Submissions
Eratosphere Workshop Events
Able Muse Pushcart & Best of the Net 2010 Nominations
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The new issue of Able Muse: Winter 2011

The new issue of Able Muse, Print Editon (Number 12) - Winter 2011, has just been released, with order/subscription information (for print & Kindle editions), with online excerpts and the subscribers' online edition at:

Able Muse, Volta Issue - Summer 2010with Able Muse WRITE PRIZE for Poetry & Fiction —
Includes the 2011 winning story & poems from contest winners and finalists.

Alexander Pepple • featured artist: Alper Çukur (interviewed by Sharon Passmore) • featured poet: David Mason  (interviewed by David J. Rothman) • fiction: Gilbert Allen, Rachel Bentley, Bruce Bromley, Keith J. Powell, Mary Widdifield, Douglas Campbell • essays: Michael Cohen, Seree Cohen Zohar, André Naffis-Sahely, Frank Osen, Andrew Frisardi • book reviews: Stephen Collingtonl • poetry:Suzanne J. Doyle, Midge Goldberg, Catharine Savage Brosman, Amit Majmudar, Richard Wakefield, Timothy Murphy, Philip Morre, Paul Bone, Alyce Miller, Kathryn Locey, Susan McLean, Rebecca Foust, Lyn Lifshin, Stephen Collington, George Witte, William Conelly, Lew Watts, Jean L. Kreiling, Susan McLean, John Beaton, Joshua Lavender, Catherine Chandler, Gabriel Spera, T.S. Kerrigan, Bertran de Born (translated by Maryann Corbett), Achilles Paraschos (translated by David Mason).
With special thanks for an outstanding new issue to -- Juleigh Howard-Hobson (Assistant Poetry Editor), Gregory Dowling (Nonfiction Editor),  Nina Schuyler (Fiction Editor), Janice D. Soderling, Tim Love & John Riley (Assistant Fiction Editors).

Alex Pepple, Editor

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Able Muse, Tribute Issue, Winter 2009

ABLE MUSE WRITE PRIZE (for poetry & fiction)

2011 Winners: Jean L. Kreiling - Poetry (judged by Rachel Hadas), Douglas Campbell - Fiction (judged by Alan Cheuse) . . . $500 to each winner. Complete results here.

2012 Contest now open for submissions:
Able Muse Write Prize (for poetry & flash fiction)$500 for the winning poem (all styles welcome) • $500 for the winning story • publication in Able Muse (print edition) • anonymous judging by the final judges:  John Drury (poetry), Ellen Sussman (fiction) • Entry deadline: February 15, 2012 • Details at:

ABLE MUSE BOOK AWARD (for poetry manuscript)

2011 Winners: Matthew Buckley Smith for his manuscript, Dirge for an Imaginary World - (judged by Andrew Hudgins) . . . $1000 to the winner & publication by Able Muse Press. Complete results here.

Able Muse Write Prize (for poetry & flash fiction)$1000 prize • publication of winning book manuscript by Able Muse Press • all poetry styles welcome • Entry deadline: March 31, 2012 • anonymous judging by final judge: Mary Jo Salter • Details at:

Able Muse submissions - poetry, fiction, art, essays, book reviews, interviews

Now Available from Able Muse Press
Able Muse, Print Edition - back issues and subscriptionThe Able Muse Anthology - the best of the poetry, fiction, essays, art & photography, book reviewsNevertheless - poems by Wendy VidelockLines of Flight - poems by Catherine ChandlerGrasshopper - poetry by M.A. Griffiths

Now available from Able Muse Press, Amazon and other online & offline bookstores:
Able Muse - Print Edition back issues & subscription
The Able Muse Anthology - the best of the poetry, fiction, essays, art & photography
Nevertheless - poems by Wendy Videlock
Lines of Flight - poems by Catherine Chandler
Grasshopper - the poetry of M A Griffiths

Coming Soon from Able Muse Press in 2012

Ab Sailing to Babylon - poems by John Pollock

(final judge, Andrew Hudgins)

Dirge for an Imaginary World - poems by Matthew Buckley Smith
Life in Second Circle - poems by Michael Cantor
This Bed Our Bodies Shaped - poems by April Lindner
The Cosmic Purr - poems by Aaron Poochigian
A Vertical Mile - poems by Richard Wakefield
Credo for the Checkout Line in Winter - poems by Maryann Corbett  (in 2013)

ABLE MUSE (Print Edition)
Able Muse Write Prize (for poetry & flash fiction)Able Muse - Inaugural Print EditionAble Muse - Summer 2011The Able Muse back issues - the Inaugural Print Edition, Winter 2010, and the Print Edition, Summer 2011 are still available at Able Muse Press, Amazon and other online & offline bookstore.

Subscribe now for the next releases of Able Muse, Print Edition

Able Muse (print edition) reads submissions year-round. Submit now for a chance to appear in Able Muse - send your best poetry, art, fiction, essays, book reviews. The submission guidelines are available here.

Able Muse submissions - poetry, fiction, art, essays, book reviews, interviews

Eratosphere forums & workshopEratosphere Workshop Events

Held Recently:

Able Muse / Eratosphere 30-Day Writing Program (online) - with Nina Schuyler
International Translation Day Event: at the Translaion forum, . Hosted by Adam Elgar.
• At the Distinguished Guest Forum:
     Deck-the-Halls, 2011 with Distinguished Guest Judge, John Whitworth.

Coming Soon:

More workshops & Distinguished Guest events at Able Muse / Eratosphere . . . stay tuned for more info!

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Able Muse Pushcart Prize 2012 Nominations:
Congratulations to the 3 poets, 2 writer and 1 essayist nominated and announced here.

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