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Alice's(?) Auto(?)Biography 


by Beth Houston





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Cubist as their walls splashed with stacked paintings,
Multiple moments layer, overlap
Lives, loves, luck, lusts, lisps, and losses, painting
Her(their) famous friends’ time in words compact
As nesting-doll boxes; she’s made us grasp
Delicious "everpresent now" just when
Surprise! a last page(?), all those planes collapse:
Gert wrote the book. Ha! Go back, start again...
It sounds so Alice, though, like her cookbook;
Collaged gossip, recipes, a wife’s fuss
Gifts Gert’s volumns with fresh perspectives. Look,
Gert "let" her type — and edit! — her work, thus
The auto/bio was "penned" by Alice —
And Gert: Their playful eros, cat-and-mouse.

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