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The Entry of Christ Into the Castro 


by Beth Houston





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The Entry of Christ
Into the Castro

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Sex is the Passion everyone thinks of:
Divine/flesh conception puzzle, lush wink
From that laid-back "disciple Jesus loved,"
Honorary queen hero tickled pink
When he said untie and bring me an ass
And got a leatherman rushed by bike dykes
With wings through freak flags, balloons, signs, crab grass,
Palms, floats sharing bread, Bordeaux, thorn crowns, kites...
Flesh is drag; new wineskins hold old gospel:
Feet washed with perfumed hair, not lightning-stabs,
Hosannahs freedom’s stonewalled spirit’s spell
Taking bar-spangled streets in trucks and cabs
And drowsy busses back into the night
He died to teach us to take back the light.

 Nike of Samothrace


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