Since non-linear narrative methods are the only ones adequate to this world, grave alignments occur.

Brenda Hillman


First, he was born, and then he died. But first,
After he was born, his mother loved him.
He died. But not before his father loved him.
His parents taught him things, and he grew up.
He died. He grew up first, and then he died.
Of course, he fell in love before he died.
He married and had children with his wife.
And after doing that, long after, died.
But not before he asked his daily question
About what life had meant, what their lives meant.
He asked it every day, and then he died.
One day after another, in the realm
We all inhabit of space and time, he asked
His question. Taught his children. They grew up.
His wife died. He died. Together. Separately.
And then, and only then, did his own story
Leave this linear world with all its side roads
And clover leafs and interstates and tunnels
And go somewhere there is no space or time
Or any adequate way to tell a story.













     Able Muse