Begin with giving evidence
that you yourself have mastered well
the fundamental sound and sense
of written words. And learn to spell
before you post it. Show, don't tell,
the poet, in a manner meek
and circumspect (try not to yell)
what constitutes a good critique.

Be sure your comments aren't so dense
that from the start they're going to quell
all interest and inspire defense.
It's rare that amateurs will sell,
so drop the humbling gong and bell
and kindly tell them where to seek
(begin with Dante's trip through hell)
what constitutes a good critique.

In childhood's days of innocence
we loved "The Farmer in the Dell"
and learned of meter and of tense,
the way repeated sounds rappel
down many lines, how they compel
an altered flow of how we speak.
Remembering this will help you gel
what constitutes a good critique.

A poem should be both nut and shell
and honest comments serve to tweak
a flaccid effort, help it swell.
That constitutes a good critique.













     Able Muse