"Me and my Ghost" by William John Watkins

  Parkway Sonnet: November     

by William John Watkins





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Parkway Sonnet: November

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The overcast, the leafless trees have made
A solemnness in me I would deny;
They seem the mirror of my dwindling days
These barren trees, this dirty cotton sky.
With winter not yet set, but setting in,
With autumn's bright display already gone,
The narrow branches, capillary thin,
An icy drizzle waiting to come on.
I'd like to put these dreary thoughts aside,
And tell myself it's California heaven
After Winter. I need some blatant sign,
But I'm afraid a subtler sign's been given
In meter always one beat out of time,
and sense in false, and ever falser rhymes.


 Wound by Andrea Hollander Budy


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