Able Muse Press

Able Muse Press

Announcing . . . A B L E    M U S E    P R E S S

We're delighted to introduce, The Able Muse Press! This press will publish books and periodicals that enhance and supplement the online presence of the Able Muse. The goals of the Able Muse Press are:

  1. To publish a print version of Able Muse on an annual to semi-annual basis ... more
  2. To launch the press with the release of Able Muse Anthology, featuring the best of the work published in Able Muse over the years since its inception. That's the best selected from over a decade of poetry, fiction, essays, interviews, book reviews and art & photography!
  3. To publish one or more volumes from emerging or established poets and writers from Able Muse / Eratosphere and beyond.

Read more at the Able Muse Press website,

Coming Soon NOW AVAILABLE! . . . A B L E   M U S E   A N T H O L O G Y

The Able Muse Anthology celebrates the Able Muse, the first decade and more of the best we'veAble Muse Anthology published in poetry, fiction, essays, interviews, book reviews, and art & photography. The Introduction to the Able Muse Anthology is by Timothy Steele, with blurb from Dana Gioia and others.

The Able Muse Anthology includes work by established and emerging writers, including Mark Jarman, Rachel Hadas, Stephen Edgar, Geoffrey Brock, Timothy Murphy, Jennifer Reeser, Annie Finch, Dick Davis, X.J. Kennedy, A.E. Stallings, Richard Moore, R.S. Gwynn, Richard Wakefield, Julie Kane, Alan Sullivan, Chelsea Rathburn, Deborah Warren, Kim Bridgford, Diane Thiel, Leslie Monsour, Len Krisak, Dolores Hayden, Thaisa Frank and several others.

The Able Muse Anthology will be released around May, 2010, and the complete list of poets, writers, essayists and artists included and the pre-order information will be available soon.

The Able Muse Anthology is here!

Read all the details at the Able Muse Press website here.