Special Translation Issue Submission to Able Muse


The March 31, 2014 submission deadline to the special translation issue has come and gone. (Note, though, that our general submission is open January 1 to July 15 yearly, where you may still submit per the guidelines here) .

CALL: We invite submissions for our forthcoming special translation issue of Able Muse with Guest Editor Charles Martin, to be published Summer, 2014.

WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR: Translations into English from Anglo-Saxon (Old English), Arabic, Chinese, Estonian, French, German, Greek, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and others.

  • Translations that have been published or are under consideration elsewhere may not be submitted for publication in the Able Muse Translations issue. Previously negotiated exceptions may occur.
  • Also, you may not submit prose, however, translation of prose poems are allowed and will be considered.
  • Please, no simultaneous submissions.

For work NOT in the public domain, the translator must show proof of permission from the poet.

Send 1 to 5 translations and a brief bio. A cover letter should briefly affirm the translator's linguistic qualifications in the source and target languages. It's not mandatory at this stage, but we encourage you to include the source text with the translated text.

When submitting multiple translations via email, please include all texts in a single document, NOT one email per translation. Expected response time is between 2 to 12 weeks. Feel free to query if you haven't heard from us in 12 weeks.

WHEN: Submission for the special issue opened on March 25, 2013 and will close on March 31, 2014.

OTHERS: Able Muse acquires first-time publication rights, whether electronic or print. We reserve the right to republish the translation in some future electronic and/or print anthology. Electronic back issues of Able Muse are archived indefinitely. All other rights revert to the author six months after publication. In case of republication we ask that you acknowledge Able Muse as the original place of publication.

Able Muse is a not-for-profit publication. For work appearing in the print edition, we pay one contributor copy.

TRACKING: Please, track your submissions and our response time on Duotrope.

ONLINE SUBMISSION:We prefer that submissions be made via our online submission form below, but we will accept emails addressed to:  . The subject line should read as follows: Translation Issue. Your last name, Your first name. Number of entries. (Example: Translation Issue. Jones. Johanna. 5 translations.)