in montmartre cemetery

In Montmartre Cemetery

In Montmartre Cemetery

The seated statue on Nijinsky’s tomb
Depicts him in the role he thought his best—
The gentle, solitary puppet whom
A jealous impresario oppressed.
In his clown costume with its collar ruff
And tasseled cap, he rests with chin in hand,
As if conceiving  he might yet pull off
The sane and independent life he planned.

Timothy Steele

Timothy Steele has published four collections of poems: Uncertainties and Rest (1979); Sapphics against Anger and Other Poems (1986); The Color Wheel (1994); and Toward the Winter Solstice (2006). The first two of these titles were reissued in 1995 in a joint volume, Sapphics and Uncertainties. He has also published two books of literary criticism—Missing Measures (1990) and All the Fun’s in How You Say a Thing (1999)—and is the editor of The Poems of J. V. Cunningham (1997).

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