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Rhythm and Blues

Rhythm and Blues by David Stephenson, recipient of the 2007 Richard Wilbur Award, is a compelling and provocative collection of poems which examine our post-industrial culture and consciousness from varying perspectives and in varying poetic modes.

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Book Review of Rhythm and Blues by David Stephenson

Book Review —

David Stephenson: Rhythm and Blues

(of Evansville Press, 2008)


Deborah Warren

Deborah Warren’s poetry collections are: The Size of Happiness (2003, Waywiser Press, London), runner-up for the 2000 T. S. Eliot Prize;  Zero Meridian, which received the 2003 New Criterion Poetry Prize (2004, Ivan R. Dee);  and Dream With Flowers and Bowl of Fruit, which received the Richard Wilbur Award, forthcoming in December of 2008 (University of Evansville). Her poems have appeared in The Hudson Review, The New Yorker, The Paris Review and The Yale Review.

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