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Rachel Wetzsteon — I.M. 1967-2009

Rachel Wetzsteon

I.M. 1967-2009



David Yezzi

David Yezzi’s latest book of poems is Azores, a Slate best book of the year. He is the editor of The Swallow Anthology of New American Poets.

Azores: Poems

Like a voyage to the Portuguese islands of the title, the poems in Azores arrive at their striking and hard-won destinations over the often-treacherous waters of experience—a man mourns the fact that he cannot not mourn, a father warns his daughter about harsh contingency, an unnamed visitor violently disrupts a quiet domestic scene. The ever-present and uncomfortable realities of envy, lust, and mortality haunt the book from poem to poem.

cover of Azores: Poemsauthor: David Yezzi
ASIN or ISBN-10: 0804011133
binding: Paperback
list price: $12.95 USD
amazon price: $12.95 USD

The Hidden Model (Triquarterly Books)

From the huddling men in a Rembrandt print to an image in a bathroom mirror that might be Christ or a mere smudge, David Yezzi, with his precisely carved and subtly cutting language, questions and considers the surfaces of our perceptions and the life they conceal-that which suggests, asks, demands to be seen.

cover of The Hidden Model (Triquarterly Books)author: David Yezzi
ASIN or ISBN-10: 0810151456
binding: Paperback
list price: $16.95 USD
amazon price: $16.95 USD

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