Able Muse, Volta Issue: Poetry, Prose & Art

Robert E. Clark

Robert E. Clark is the Director of the Writing Center at LIM College, which is devoted to the business side of the fashion Industry and located in Manhattan.  He has been a senior editor at diverse publications, including Lingua Franca Magazine and the research journals of the Federal Reserve Bank. Clark also develops books and articles from conception to completion with other writers, and has done so with specialists in film, theatre, women's studies, and economics as well as novelists.

Melvin Jules Bukiet

Melvin Jules Bukiet is the author of seven books of fiction and the editor of three anthologies.

Lorna Knowles Blake

Lorna Knowles Blake’s first collection of poems, Permanent Address, won the Richard Snyder Memorial Prize from the Ashland Poetry Press and was published in May 2008. Poems have appeared recently in Literary Imagination, Duct and The Hudson Review. She has been the recipient of a residency from the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts and a Walter E. Dakin Fellowship from the Sewanee Writers Conference.  Ms.

Ernest Hilbert

Ernest Hilbert is the author of Sixty Sonnets (2009). He is an antiquarian book dealer in Philadelphia, where he lives with his wife, an archaeologist. He hosts the popular blog and video show His poems have appeared in Measure, The New Republic, Yale Review, American Poetry Review, Parnassus, Boston Review, Verse, New Criterion, Meridian, American Scholar, and the London Review.

David Yezzi

David Yezzi’s latest book of poems is Azores, a Slate best book of the year. He is the editor of The Swallow Anthology of New American Poets.

David Mason

David Mason was born in Bellingham, Washington in 1954. His books of poetry include The Buried Houses, The Country I Remember, Arrivals and the verse novel Ludlow.

Turner Cassity Tribute - Call for Submissions

Those of us who know Turner Cassity or his work were stunned stunned by his sudden departure a couple of weeks ago. The next issue of Able Muse will feature a tribute to Turner Cassity. Suzanne Doyle will be editing this special feature. In addition to Suzanne's prodigious virtues as a writer, she probably was as close a literary friend/confidante as Turner had.

Stephen Collington

Stephen Collington studied English and East Asian Studies at the University of Toronto, and Comparative Literature at the University of Tokyo.  His interest in Asian literature dates from his first enchanted encounter with the Chinese character itself, black-ink epitome of Emerson's famed dictum, "Language is fossil poetry."  He has never been to Sichuan, but when he visited neighbouring Hunan in the 1990s, the slogans from the Cultural Revolution were still visible on the farmhouse walls.  He would like to dedicate "How long is life?" to

John Whitworth

John Whitworth is one of those fattish, baldish, backward-looking, provincial poets in which England is so rich (perhaps too rich).  His ninth collection, Being the Bad Guy, was published by Peterloo in November 2007.  Les Murray likes it.  Good on him.  You might also consider Writing Poetry published by A & C Black, one of those how-to books; it has run to a second

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