New videos posted for Thaisa Frank's HENNA and THE ENCHANTED MAN stories.

The videos for Thaisa Frank's stories  in the Reload Issue have been updated with new readings from the author. Be sure to check them out at the links below:

Henna video
The Enchanted Man






I will call her Ms. Shari, even though she was married. Still, Ms. Shari is how the head of the department and I spoke of her in a tense unhappy discussion behind closed doors.

Thaisa Frank

Thaisa Frank's work is the author of three collections of fiction, including Sleeping in Velvet and A Brief History of Camouflage (both by Black Sparrow Press, 1998 and 1992) and Desire (Kelsey Street Press, 1984). She is the co-author of the non-fiction book, Finding Your Writer's Voice  (St.

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