Suzanne Doyle, in her first volume of poems in more than a decade, grapples with despair and loss, with a fierce formality whose only antecedents may be Baudelaire and Cunningham. Lucid and rich with meaning, these poems will leave you knowing you have been somewhere.

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Suzanne J. Doyle

Suzanne J. Doyle was born in St. Charles, Missouri in 1953. She graduated in 1975 with honors in English from the University of California at Santa Barbara, where she studied under the poet Edgar Bowers. Accepted in Stanford University’s Creative Writing Program, she received her MA in 1978. She has published the following slim volumes of verse: Sweeter for the Dark (1982), Domestic Passions (1984), Dangerous Beauties (1990), and Calypso (2003).

Able Muse, Tribute Issue: Poetry, Prose & Art

Turner Cassity Reads at the Huntington Library, April 12, 2003

Turner Cassity Reads at the Huntington Library, April 12, 2003


Poetry reading video from Turner Cassity

Visitors to San Simeon

Visitors to San Simeon



1. Anne Morrow Lindbergh

The Rimer Unrhymed

The Rimer Unrhymed

Mej. Zelle

Mej. Zelle

In youth I was your basic overweight Dutch frump,
As at the end I was. Between, the quantum jump

To Mata Hari, ethnic artist dancing nude
Before Crowned Heads, if not the Asian multitude

That would know bump-and-grinding when they saw it. Spy?
Well, maybe. Such few secrets as I could supply

I hardly understood. But faced with firing squad
I was as firm as Nurse Cavell. A simple nod

That signals one is ready; and the blindfold off,
To serve as scarf, inhibit any final cough.

Edith Cavell

Edith Cavell

England’s recruiting poster Joan of Arc,
I was a crypto-Walloon, and a stark

Reminder that when all is said and done
The letter of the law was with the Hun,

Although I rose at once to such renown
As was the Lusitania’s, once down,

If with as little claim to innocence.
All that could be brought forth in my defense

Is that I did not profit from my acts,
And that confession is what guile exacts.

No Second Eden: Poems

IF you think that Turner Cassity has mellowed or slowed down since the 1998 release of his selected poems, The Destructive Element, think again. In No Second Eden Cassity is back more Swiftian than ever. Among the targets reduced to ruin are countertenors, parole boards, the French Symbolists, calendar reformers, the Yale Divinity School, and the cult of Elvis. Without turning a blind eye, he even extends a toast to Wernher von Braun. Surprisingly, there is a poem about the Mississippi in which Cassity grew up. Unsurprisingly, it is a vision quite unlike others of that state.

cover of No Second Eden: Poemsauthor: Turner Cassity
ASIN or ISBN-10: 080401051X
binding: Paperback
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amazon price: $14.95 USD

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