Melvin Jules Bukiet

Melvin Jules Bukiet is the author of seven books of fiction and the editor of three anthologies.

Rachel Wetzsteon, Teacher and Friend

Rachel Wetzsteon, Teacher and Friend


Lorna Knowles Blake

Lorna Knowles Blake’s first collection of poems, Permanent Address, won the Richard Snyder Memorial Prize from the Ashland Poetry Press and was published in May 2008. Poems have appeared recently in Literary Imagination, Duct and The Hudson Review. She has been the recipient of a residency from the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts and a Walter E. Dakin Fellowship from the Sewanee Writers Conference.  Ms.

Permanent Address

Lorna Knowles Blake is a poet who writes with elegance, wit, and formal invention. Her subjects are love, marriage, family, and the kinds of commitment needed to sustain them. Reading her work, one sees again and again the contingencies of domestic life transformed by those rituals that give them place and permanence. Permanent Address is a wise and joyful collection by a poet of impressive accomplishment. - Charles Martin.

cover of Permanent Addressauthor: Lorna Knowles Blake
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“Empty Houses”: Remembering Rachel Wetzsteon

“Empty Houses”: Remembering Rachel Wetzsteon


Ernest Hilbert

Ernest Hilbert is the author of Sixty Sonnets (2009). He is an antiquarian book dealer in Philadelphia, where he lives with his wife, an archaeologist. He hosts the popular blog and video show everseradio.com. His poems have appeared in Measure, The New Republic, Yale Review, American Poetry Review, Parnassus, Boston Review, Verse, New Criterion, Meridian, American Scholar, and the London Review.

Sixty Sonnets

A.E. Stallings writes that “like the minutes of the hour, these Sixty Sonnets both combine to make a whole and shine as individual moments. While groups of these sonnets occasionally suggest a narrative—refreshingly, like the fugitives and weary academics that people these pages—they work alone. The newspaper crime blotter itself, from which, perhaps, some of these incidents are torn, speaks up as a single sonnet.

cover of Sixty Sonnetsauthor: Ernest Hilbert
ASIN or ISBN-10: 1597093610
binding: Paperback
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Rachel Wetzsteon — I.M. 1967-2009

Rachel Wetzsteon

I.M. 1967-2009



David Yezzi

David Yezzi’s latest book of poems is Azores, a Slate best book of the year. He is the editor of The Swallow Anthology of New American Poets.

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