Wedding Wings: A Toast

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Chris Childers

Wedding Wings: A Toast


        — Book of Tobit 13:2

        Westley: Can you move at all?
        Buttercup: Move? You’re alive! If you want I can fly!
              — The Princess Bride, William Goldman

      If it ends with mawwiage, it’s a comedy.
      Let Buttercup and Westley stare
      down Cliffs of Insanity,
      Pits of Despair,
      and death:
      sticks to his side,
      the miracle is wrought,
      plots unknot and the knot is tied.
      It’s inconceivable! Though also not,

      since journeys to the bottom of the heart
      are like that: storms and undertows
      threaten to pull us apart,
      the spirit grows
      thin, ill,
      the bitter weather
      breaks halcyon, the dove
      lends each earthbound soul a feather,
      and, wing on wing, they climb the skies of love.

      Each day can’t be a comedy, it’s true,
      but can, with hope and help, fulfill
      one heart dovetailed from two
      by miracle:
      I pray
      love fills your cup
      with grace in times of trial
      and help and hope to lift you up.
      Conceive it, and it’s yours. The heavens smile.

        — For Patrick and Bethany, June 1, 2013