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Our last issue, the special translation anthology, guest-edited by Charles Martin, has been successfully received and applauded beyond our expectations. To all who wrote, thank you for your kind words. We now return to our regular release schedule, proudly presenting the much anticipated winners of the fourth annual Able Muse contests: for the 2014 Able Muse Write Prize, congratulations to Scott M. Miller (for poetry, as selected by final judge Dick Allen) and J. Preston Witt (for fiction, as selected by final judge Amit Majmudar). Kudos also go to the finalists whose work is represented here: Eric Berlin, Catherine Chandler, and Marilyn L. Taylor.
  Included in this issue are new poems by our featured poet Wendy Videlock, the first Able Muse Press author to receive this honor. She candidly discusses her poetic craft with interviewer David Mason. Gustavo Thomas is our featured artist, and there is . . .
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