With You

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Eric Torgersen

With You


      Bound by love and honor, I’d have stayed with you.
      You overstate the role I played with you.

      I have not known such purpose, ah, since I
      endured the hardships of that daring raid with you.

      Softly. No one here has yet been told
      that long ago I was a renegade with you.

      My children and their children shall recount
      how I survived that furious fusillade with you.

      Could I have known you’d cling so to those days
      when in our youth I shared that escapade with you?

      I saved your life, as surely you saved mine
      that day I stormed the barricade with you.

      I struggle still to understand how I
      was drawn into that ill-conceived crusade with you.

      No day shall pass when I shall not relive
      those dark days when I fought on undismayed with you.

      If once we proudly shared a uniform,
      I have no thought of going on parade with you.

      No sorrow I should find in my old age
      will cause me to regret I ever strayed with you.

      Sweet Eric, you turn sour on the tongue.
      Let me forget that old mistake I made with you.