Frederick Wilbur

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Frederick Wilbur was brought up and still lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. He relies on imagery derived from the natural landscape and country life to explore human relationships. He has been an architectural woodcarver for thirty-five years and has written numerous articles and three books on the subject. He has degrees from the University of Virginia and the University of Vermont. His poetry has appeared in or has been accepted by Shenandoah, the Lyric, the South Carolina Review, Cold Mountain Review, Green Mountains Review, Poetry Quarterly, Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review, Southern Poetry Review, the Atlanta Review, the Chariton Review, Poetry Quarterly, Greensboro Review, Slant, Appalachian Heritage, Plainsongs, Snowy Egret, POEM, and the online venues Verse-Virtual, Rotary Dial, Silver Birch Press.