Ghost Story

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Tom Larsen

Ghost Story



Angelo’s may not be the best pizza in town, but at a buck a slice it keeps the locals connected. I’m on my way in when I see Joey G coming out. I try to dodge him, but forget about it.
  “Hey, Rile, how you doing?”
  “Good, Joey, I’m doing good.”
  “Christ, I haven’t seen you since they sent up Hobbsy.”
  “Three years now. His mom just passed.”
  Marshall Hobbs, my former partner, presently serving zip/six at Graterford. For some stupid reason I think of Marshall when I shave every morning, always along the jawline, a flicker in my brain. I don’t know what it means except those are good years going down the drain and somebody should feel bad about it.
  “Me and Franny got a place on 58th,” Joey tells me. “Nice place, two bedroom, we’ve been getting our shit together.”
  “Glad to hear it,” I say what you say. Never mind Joey looks like hell and . . .
. . . . . . .
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