287: Give my regards to


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english translation

287: Give my regards to

Though you’ve left me to bear my pain alone,
Sennuccio, I still am comforted
because, transformed, with head held high, you’ve flown
from flesh in which you were cooped up and dead.

You now can see both of earth’s poles at once,
the retrograde motion of the planets,
and how shortsighted people are, such that
my grief is tempered by your jubilance.

But I well may entreat you to salute
Guittone, Masters Cino and Dante,
our Franceschino—all that poetic host—

and tell my lady that tears constitute
a great part of my life, and I become a beast
recalling her fair face and deeds that were so saintly.

original Italian poem


Sennuccio mio, benché doglioso et solo
m’abbi lasciato, i’ pur mi riconforto,
perché del corpo ov’eri preso et morto
alteramente se’ levato a volo.

Or vedi inseme l’un et l’altro polo,
le stelle vaghe et lor vïaggio torto,
et vedi il veder nostro quanto è corto;
onde col tuo gioir tempro ’l mio duolo.

Ma ben ti prego che ’n la terza spera
Guitton saluti, et messer Cino, et Dante,
Franceschin nostro et tutta quella schiera.

A la mia donna puoi ben dire in quante
lagrime io vivo et son fatt’una fera,
membrando il suo bel viso et l’opre sante.