Ann M. Thompson

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Ann M. Thompson’s work is published in Europe (Acumen, here/there, the Journal, Lotus Eater, the North, Staple, Vine Leaves) and the USA (Ardor, Blast Furnace, Flyover Country Review, Literary Imagination, Lost Country, Mezzo Cammin, Rat’s Ass Review, Tulane Review). She has creative nonfiction in KYSO Flash and  Leopard Seal, short fiction in Best New Writing 2014, and video-poems online (with film-maker Marie Craven, on Vimeo: “Death Meditation,” “Unavoidable Alchemy,” “Haiku for the Lost”; and on Thompson’s poetry is included in four anthologies and has been honored in seven recent poetry competitions, including the Able Muse Write Prize (2014, 2017); FISH International Poetry Prize (2015); and Robert Frost Foundation Poetry Award (2014).