Timothy Steele

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Timothy Steele is the author of several collections of verse, including Sapphics Against Anger and Other Poems and Toward the Winter Solstice. He has also published two books about literary history, Missing Measures and All the Fun’s in How You Say a Thing, and has edited The Poems of J.V. Cunningham.
 Of Tim Murphy, Steele writes:

    Devoted as he was to the outdoors, hunting, conservation, reading, and writing, Tim Murphy reminded me of Teddy Roosevelt. They even shared the connection of North Dakota, where Tim lived for most of his life and where Roosevelt ranched in the 1880s and retreated after his first wife’s death. Also like Roosevelt (and like Robert Penn Warren, Tim’s teacher at Yale), Tim was fascinated with the history of the North American wilderness; and I hope he would enjoy my poem on the subject that appears in this Able Muse tribute to him.