The Ruined Aristocrat

audio: The Ruined Aristocrat
audio of John Philip Drury's poem, The Ruined Aristocrat--opening clip only. Subsribers: login for full audio/video and text.

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John Philip Drury

The Ruined Aristocrat


      1. All-Night Radio Call-In Show

      “Good evening, Mister Waters. I believe
      the two of us may actually be related.
      One of my ancestors named Edward Waters
      came with the early colonists to Virginia,
      but on the way they left him in Bermuda.
      Some say he killed a man, but on the beach
      he found some ambergris—you know what that is?”

      Whale puke?

            “Throw-up. They use it for perfume.
      He might as well have stumbled on pirate gold.”

      I love it! One more scoundrel in the family!
      I do hope you’re my cousin. What’s your name?

      “Miss Bobby is what all the neighbors call me.”

      How charming! Lost plantation decadence!
      This call-in show must be the . . .
      . . . . . . .
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