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Alexander Pepple





It’s undeniable that the world suffered a change of seismic proportions over the past year, and some of the cracks and crevices generated will not be patched any time soon—if at all, even if COVID-19 is decisively contained eventually. Pollsters’ statistics tell us that some activities have surged in interest during the lockdown—work-at-home, arts-and-crafts, gaming, and more interestingly for us here, books and reading. That happens to be nothing new for you and us, who have, likely, always been into books and reading, and who, one hopes, will now share more of this goodness with the world around us.
  With all the recent isolation and sheltering in place, we thought it appropriate to take you, so to speak, out of the mental isolation onto an international journey. Hence, this issue brings you an International Fiction feature. The stories presented are from diverse corners of the world, written by just as diverse a collection of . . .
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