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We'd like to know what you think of the Symposium issue of  Able Muse -- 
the contents, the contributors, the web site, .... 
Please leave your comments here and share your thoughts with other visitors.

NOTE - 9/14/2003: Due to the recent high incidence in distasteful posts, all new entries will
henceforth be reviewed by the editor before posting. All commercial or indecent messages
will be deleted, and in some cases, the poster's IP address will be banned from this site.



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Name: Alex Pepple
Email: alex@ablemuse.com
URL: http://www.ablemuse.com
Subject: Welcome to the Symposium Issue of Able Muse!
City: San Jose
State: CA
Country: USA
Date: 12/8/99
Time: 9:15:19 PM


Gentle Able Muse netizens,
Our Symposium issue, where we try some new & thought provoking features, is  here for your enjoyment! Feel free to leave your comments and greetings. If you prefer you may also leave a message on our "Comment & Respond" forum at Eratosphere (click here).

Alex Pepple - Editor.

  • Name: Chris Bossert
  • Email: webmaster@theromanticbower.com
  • URL: http://www.theromanticbower.com
  • Subject: WOW!
  • City:
  • State:
  • Country: USA
  • Remote Name:
  • Date: December 17, 2000
  • Time: 03:45 AM


  • Name: Amy Arnold
  • Email: thetigress_00@yahoo.com
  • URL: http://homestead.com/bestofamyspoetry/amybest.html
  • Subject: love poetry.
  • City: Coolville
  • State: ohio
  • Country: USA
  • Remote Name:
  • Date: December 30, 2000
  • Time: 06:53 PM


I am a poet and I enjoy everything that deals with poetry.

  • Name: Arthur Isaacson
  • Email: Arthur_Isaacson@email.msn.com
  • URL: http://Ramblingsinrhyme.com
  • Subject: Great Job
  • City: Clinton
  • State: CT
  • Country: USA
  • Remote Name:
  • Date: January 02, 2001
  • Time: 11:33 AM


I've come home. This is my kind of poetry. Hard to find today. It seems the traditional forms and those requiring discipline have fallen out of favor. It is a pleasure to find this site and this edition.

  • Name: Arthur Mortensen
  • Email: mortenar@sfitva.cc.fitsuny.edu
  • URL: http://www.n2hos.com/acm/index.html
  • Subject:
  • City: Brooklyn
  • State: NY
  • Country: USA
  • Remote Name:
  • Date: March 02, 2001
  • Time: 12:38 PM


Hello, Able Muse, nice to see you again.

  • Name: Scott Villarosa
  • Email: sjvilla79@hotmail.com
  • URL: http://users.pipeline.com.au/scottv/fluidinkpress
  • Subject: Fluid Ink Press Poetry Journal
  • City: Geelong
  • State: vIC
  • Country: Australia
  • Remote Name:
  • Date: March 27, 2001
  • Time: 11:27 PM


Great site. Keeping the age old spirit of truth, heart and passion alive through poetry is what I love to see. Feel free to visit Fluid Ink Press whenever you like as I am sure you would be most welcome. Well done again on your great site. You can never have too much of a good thing right? Let's get fluid!

<A HREF=http://users.pipeline.com.au/scottv/fluidinkpress> <IMG SRC="http://users.pipeline.com.au/scottv/fluidinkpress/twistban.gif"></A>

  • Name: Nadia Brown
  • Email: Jewelx7@aol.com
  • URL: www.poetrygallery.org
  • Subject: Excellent Site
  • City: Miami
  • State: FL
  • Country: USA
  • Remote Name:
  • Date: March 28, 2001
  • Time: 11:39 AM


This is a lovely poetry site, probably the best that I have seen.

  • Name: Melody Scott
  • Email: dscott1630@aol.com
  • URL:
  • Subject: Contact
  • City: Atlanta
  • State: GA
  • Country: USA
  • Remote Name:
  • Date: April 02, 2001
  • Time: 08:08 AM


Hello Able Muse:

Computerland is an enigma to me. I received an email about Able Muse's changes and the site looked interesting so I cruised on over here. Then I decided to register so I could make replies and posts if I wanted to, only to discover I am all ready registered???

Forums are spooky places regarding registrations. I mean, if I don't know how I got registered, then what do I use for a password? Or do I even need one to post?

I admire your site tremendously. It's prompt and beautiful and seems comprehensive. Best of all, you know what meter and rhyme are about and won't frown in a grimace of minimalism if I post something that sings.

I would like to be registered under the name of MScott but I'm gunshy since EZBoard forces changes routinely. Please let me know who I aaaammmm.


Melody Scott

  • Name: tony ciccariello
  • Email: ajciii@hotmail.com
  • URL: http://www.geocities.com/ajciccar/
  • Subject: what a layout
  • City: jackson
  • State: nj
  • Country: USA
  • Remote Name:
  • Date: June 02, 2001
  • Time: 06:40 PM


just needed some mind candy to get through the day. Great writing as well as other works performed here. ajc3

  • Name: Bette. M
  • Email: Bookmarked@justice.com
  • URL: http://homepages.about.com/tidbitswords/tidbitspoetry/
  • Subject: Prose
  • City: Oakmont
  • State: Pa
  • Country: USA
  • Remote Name:
  • Date: June 23, 2001
  • Time: 03:02 AM


Hello, been looking for a site to submit my personal works and review works of others. I kind of just stumbled in here. I see there is much here, and will come often to review and learn the written works of others.

  • Name: Judy Daugherty
  • Email: judydlp@mchsi.com
  • URL: http://www.1heluva.com/cgi-bin/join.cgi?refer=14141
  • Subject: hello
  • City: Des Moines
  • State: IA
  • Country: USA
  • Remote Name:
  • Date: March 03, 2003
  • Time: 08:14 AM


nice site

  • Name: Sam Briskey
  • Email: sambriskey@yahoo.com
  • URL: http://www.sam-briskey.allphotoalbum.com
  • Subject: Good work !!!
  • City: N/A
  • State: N/A
  • Country: Poland
  • Remote Name:
  • Date: March 07, 2003
  • Time: 01:02 PM


Good work !!! I will suggest this site to my friends.

  • Name: Lee
  • Email: mr_lee_cooper@yahoo.com
  • URL: http://www.frontcourt.com/isp/cancel-aol.htm
  • Subject: I hate AOL
  • City: NY
  • State: NY
  • Country: USA
  • Remote Name:
  • Date: June 18, 2003
  • Time: 12:54 AM


But I love your site!

  • Name: john
  • Email:
  • URL: whastbehind.latinowebs.com
  • Subject:
  • City:
  • State:
  • Country: USA
  • Remote Name:
  • Date: March 17, 2003
  • Time: 02:37 PM


september 11 ¨THE TERRIBLE IMPOSTURE: any plane crashed into the pentagon¨ by thierry Maissan ITS FREE ITS FREE ITS FREE http://whatsbehind.latinowebs.com ThE official version is not sustained with an critical analysis. We will demonstrate that it was just a build-up scene. In some cases, the elements that we have picked up allow to reestablish the truth. In other cases, our questions still continue without answers, what is not a reason to continue believing the lies of the authorities. Anyway, the material that we have elaborated to question the genuineness of the American's acts in Afghanistan and the "war against the axis of evil." We invite you to not considering our work like a definitive truth. On the contrary, we invite you to the scepticism. trust just in you critic spirit. So that you can check our imputations and to be formed your own opinion, we have enriched the text with many notes that indicated you the main sources. In this period where United States separates the Good of the Evil, we will make an effort to remind them that the freedom is not to believe in a simplistic vision of the World, but understanding, to enlarge the options and to multiply the shades. its free its free

  • Name: Nicole
  • Email:
  • URL: http://www.1forfly.de
  • Subject:
  • City: Sehnde
  • State:
  • Country: Germany
  • Remote Name:
  • Date: July 07, 2003
  • Time: 11:50 AM


Hallo ! Bin gerade bei meiner wöchentlichen Internet-Tour auf Eure Site gestoßen!! Glückwunsch und Gruß Nicole

  • Name: Christian Koetz
  • Email: boojaka@gmx.de
  • URL: http://www.fantasy-science-fiction-horror.de/
  • Subject: greetings
  • City: Berlin
  • State:
  • Country: USA
  • Remote Name:
  • Date: September 12, 2003
  • Time: 11:49 AM


I like your Website! greetings from berlin !SAVE OUR NATURE!


Able Muse

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