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David. G.


words to say by David Gwilym AnthonyThe Able Muse Author Series begins
with David G. Anthony wonderful debut:

Words To Say by David G. Anthony
Words to Say
- Published by Pen Press Publishers Ltd.

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A. E.  
Archaic Smile

"...Raves are in order:  This brilliant debut immediately puts Stallings very much in the front rank of young American poets."
— Dick Allen



Even As We Speak: Poems

Winner of the Richard Wilbur Award from the University of Evansville.




Rhina P. 


Where Horizons

Where Horizons Go
Winner of the
1998 T. S. Eliot
Prize in Poetry -
"is as compelling
as it is technically


Rehearsing Absence :
Winner of the Richard Wilbur Award from the University of Evansville Press.

 Books from the Premiere






New Formalist Poets of the American West (Boise State University Western Writers Series, No. 149): April Lindner.

Marilyn L.   

Subject To Change

by Marilyn L. Taylor

Greatest Hits

Marilyn L. Taylor

Exit Only

by Marilyn L. Taylor
Kate B.   
Here From Away

By Kate B. Benedict
Jigsaw by Clive Watkins

"Jigsaw marks a mature, accomplished, clear-eyed debut ..."
— A.E. Stallings
Barry   Ballard
Green Tombs To Jupiter





Landscapes With Women : 4 American Poets

by Gail White (Editor), Rhina P. Espaillat,
Barbara Loots

 The Muse Strikes Back :
 A poetic Response
 by women to Men.

The Muse Strikes Back
by Katherine McAlpine (Editor), Gail White (Editor)

Peter   Marris
The Politics of Uncertainty :     Attachment in Private and
    Public Life


J. Patrick    Lewis  A Burst of Firsts : Doers, Shakers, and Record Breakers




More books from
    J. Patrick Lewis




M. A.  


The Good Opinion
     of Squirrels


Winner of the Washington Writer's Center publication prize, and the Columbia Book Award.




All the Fun's in How You Say a Thing: An Explanation of Meter and Versification
...An Explanation of Meter and Versification ...

  Missing Measures: Modern Poetry and the Revolt Against Meter


Sapphics and Uncertainties: Poems 1970-1986

"...It has given me more pleasure than any other first book I have read this year." J. D. McClatchy
The Color Wheel

"... this new book is a marvel, reminding us of how involving of thought and feeling poetry at its best can be."
Robert Shaw, Poetry



Bert Monroy: Photorealistic Techniques with Photoshop & Illustrator (Digital Masters series)

by Bert Monroy,
Jeff Schewe,
Diane Fenster



Gardner's Art Through the Ages 

"The most successful art history
book every written."



Banjo Grease

By Dennis Must


"Dennis Must's first collection of short stories is no ordinary debut but the mature work of a fully accomplished literary artist ... originality ... deep irreverence ... compassion for working-class men and women..."
— Tom Jenks, Editor (with Raymond Carver) of "American Short Story Masterpieces."



The Ghost of Meter : Culture and Prosody in American Free Verse

By Annie Finch


Provides a new strategy for interpreting the ways in which metrical patterns contribute to the meaning of poems.




By Annie Finch


"...This is a formidable first volume of poetry."
— Molly Peacock



Very Far North

By Timothy Murphy
Anthony Hecht (Introduction)


“When he published his first collection, The Deed of Gift, Timothy Murphy was already a mature and greatly accomplished poet; but in Very Far North he has gone from strength to strength.”
— Richard Wilbur



Set the Ploughshare Deep:
A Prairie Memoir

By Timothy Murphy

"...With vivid portraits of his grandparents, parents, and neighbors, Murphy humanizes an often unforgiving landscape. It is amazing to come upon his poems-each one distilling the literal truth with acute accuracy..."
— Ray Olson, Booklist


The Deed of Gift : Poems

By Timothy Murphy
Richard Wilbur (Introduction)



The Darkness and the Light : Poems

By Anthony Hecht

"...These provocative, impeccably crafted poems are to be read repeatedly and not exhausted. They are, in short, classical. "
Ray Olson, Booklist


Errors in the Script (Sewanee Writers' Series)

By Greg Williamson

"... intellectually interesting and frequently comical."
— The New York Times Book Review



The Country I remember

By David Mason

"...To state it simply, The Country I Remember is among the finest narrative poetry published in recent memory. "
Midwest Book Review


The Buried Houses

By David Mason


Poetry of Life :
And the Life of Poetry

By David Mason
"...Poetry criticism doesn't get any better than this."
Ray Olson, Booklist



 Interrogations at Noon

by Dana Gioia

"This third book of poetry is achingly good....Don't take my word for it: Read the book."
-- Philadelphia Inquirer



by Dana Gioia

a poetic version of the Dracula story in the form of an opera libretto.


Can Poetry Matter? :
Essays on Poetry and
American Culture
by Dana Gioia


    The Oxford Book of Short Poems


Rebel Angels:
 25 Poets of the
 New Formalism 

Rebel Angels: 25 Poets of the New Formalism
The first anthology
of new formalism.



The Caedmon Treasury of Modern Poets Reading Their Own Poetry/Cpn 2006 (2 Cassettes)

The Caedmon Treasury
of Modern Poets Reading
Their Own Poetry/Cpn 2006
(2 Cassettes)

A Formal  
Feeling Comes

A Formal Feeling Comes
An anthology of
new formalism 
poetry by women poets.

Robert Frost readsRobert Frost Reads : 
The Road Not Taken, 
the Pasture, Birches, 
Death of a Hired Man, 
Mending Wall and Other 
of His Poems/ Audio Cassettes
by Robert Frost


81 Famous Poems: An Audio Companion to The Norton Anthology of  Poetry, Third Edition Derek
Walcott Reads/
Audio Cassette
by Derek Walcott

  The Nobel Prize-winning poet,
  playwright, and essayist reads
  excerpts from his own works, 
  including selections from Omeros,
and Collected Poems,


The Best American Poetry 2000 by Rita Dove (Editor),
David Lehman (Editor)


Voice of the Poet: Merrill
Voice of the Poet: Merrill
by James Merrill (Reader), J. D. McClatchy (Editor)


Best Words, Best Order
Best Words, 
Best Order : 
Essays on Poetry
by Stephen Dobyns


 Derek Walcott Reads 81 Famous Poems: An Audio Companion to 
The Norton Anthology of  Poetry, Third Edition


2001 Poet's Market : 1,800 Places
to Publish Your Poetry



2001 Writers Market: 
Internet Edition (Book & CD) 8000 Editors! 
"Does everything but stamp your self-addressed envelopes"
St. Paul PioneerPress



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