Mommy Daddy Evan Sage

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Childhood can be a confusing time, but not to Evan and Sage. They've got the world pretty well figured out, and are happy to explain it to their perplexed parents: ""A monkey and an ape are not the same,"" / said Sage. ""The monkey has a longer name."" In this book of funny, fanciful poems and woodcuts, Eric McHenry and Nicholas Garland pay tender tribute to parents and the children who run circles around them. ""This intimate, mischievious, and poignantly funny collection of poems shares the conversations, invented games, and minor squabbles of four family members, expecially precocious siblings Evan and younger sister Sage. . . Garland's chunky b&w woodcuts are a handsome complement, with an understated emotion that echoes that of the verse.""-Publishers Weekly ""A frolicking narrative poem about a very imaginative seven year old boy, his not quite two year old sister, and their bemused and befuddled mother and father.""-The Midwest Book Review

cover of Mommy Daddy Evan Sageauthor: Eric McHenry
ASIN or ISBN-10: 1904130453
binding: Paperback
list price: $18.00 USD
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