Candide, Zadig and Selected Stories

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France’s most distinguished man of letters This essential collection from the genius Voltaire includes his masterpiece and best-known work Candide, as well as his novel Zadig and fourteen short stories: “Micromegas,” “The World as It Is,” “Memnon,” “Bababec and the Fakirs,” “History of Scarmentado’s Travels,” “Plato’s Dream,” “Account of the Sickness, Confession, Death, and Apparition of the Jesuit Berthier,” “Story of a Good Brahman,” “Jeannot and Colin,” “An Indian Adventure,” “Ingenuous,” “The One-Eyed Porter,” “Memory’s Adventure,” “Count Chesterfield’s Ears,” and “Chaplain Goudman.”

cover of Candide, Zadig and Selected Storiesauthor: Francois Voltaire
ASIN or ISBN-10: 0451531159
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