Dear Explorer of the Arts,

Welcome to the Reload Issue of Able Muse, and we hope it was worth the wait.

Yes, Able Muse is back! Able Muse is better than it ever was, debunking any rumor of its demise. And, the Reload Issue is out just in time for the ten-year milestone. The Premiere issue, released all those years ago, was a major innovator of form and content in web publication. Since then, several others have engaged in that form of flattery known as imitation. With this new release, we’ve again raised the bar with our content, presentation, and content management/integration engine that drives not only the new Able Muse, but also the newly redesigned forum section, Eratosphere, which is now better integrated with Able Muse.


For the first time, we are featuring our first ever artists and musician, Solitaire Miles. She is an acclaimed artist and Jazz singer. We hope you'll enjoy the audio and visual selection of her work, along with accompanying reviews and interviews. Listen to her velvety-smooth Jazz vocals and the vibrant artwork.

Our featured poet, Geoffrey Brock is interviewed by A. E. Stallings. The interview is outstanding not only in its panoramic sweep of Geoffrey's literary roots, body of work and related issues, but also in how well it flows and its mix of the light, the serious and even the controversial.

We present a spotlight feature on the work of Alan Sullivan, including an interview by Tim Murphy. There is poetry from Ted McCarthy, Mebane Robertson, Marilyn Taylor, April Lindner, Geraldine Connolly, Nola Garrett and several others, including audio reading, and for the first time, video reading from April and Marilyn.

This issue includes fiction from established and emerging writers, highlighted by two stories, with video reading from Thaisa Frank.

We also include book review and essays, highlighted by Gregory Dowling’s exhaustive review of Greg Williamson’s work, especially, his latest book.

A new registration, comments and blog system is now available at Able Muse. You may now comment directly on the work of our authors once you complete the simple registration procedure. The login and registration system is integrated with the Eratosphere forums such that existing members can use their current account to login and explore the new membership features of Able Muse.

We hope you enjoy this issue as much as I and the authors have enjoyed presenting it to you!


Alex Pepple