Able Muse, Reload Issue: Poetry, Prose & Art

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So much good stuff here I

So much good stuff here I don’t know where to start. And the design of the whole ain't exactly chopped liver either. Thanks as always, Alex, for giving the art a home.

Dowling on Williamson

I've been a close reader of Greg Williamson since he published his first book, and I think Greg Dowling has given us a fine overview of this younger poet's entire oeuvre. I share and have publicly expressed Dowling's enthusiasm for Greg's earlier books, and I share his reservations about this very entertaining new one. Dowling prefers to single out an author's best work, that which will be long remembered, as do I as a reader. For the record, I think Ur Taco is just an absolute scream, and I might never be able to intone Sailing to Byzantium with a straight face again. In fact, my taste in wmson seems to accord exactly with the reviewer's, and I hope that Able Muse readers will seek out masterpieces like Origami and Kites at the Washington Monument, will in fact acquire and closely read all three of wmson's collections. As Dick Wilbur once said, "Ah yes, he is our great white hope."


I'm so glad to see Able Muse up and running again--and in such a sophisticated way!

this is so cool

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Way to use technology!