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We're born. We die. Life sucks. What more to say?
I love you and I hate you. I'm confused.
Can any hurt out-sting the gift refused?
I'm glad you're here. Hello. Now go away.
I miss you now you're gone. Won't you come home?
The woman in the painting winks at me.
The garden is a river running free.
The way you move! Oh, God! You're like a poem!
I never knew how sweet sweet birds could sing
until I could not hear. I weep for loss.
I gave my all: yet nothing came across.
When sight is gone, will I see every thing?
To live is All. To die is sweet release.
All's love, except what's not. Now go in peace.


I really enjoyed this poem. Particularly the tension in the title generated from Derridian 'ur-texts' and Shakespearian sonnets being joined ("-").
The line "glad you're here. Hello. Now go away" perfectly expresses the 'process' of desire, the need to find the final ur-text, get it present ("you're here") and yet keep maintaining the pleasure of the (re)search for it ("go away").

My favorite line...

My interpretation of my favor-ite line - essence (Brahma programatic) 3-d etching:
"Can any hurt, hurt (get) out, (hurt) out, out-sting (removal of hurt which should be good ended in hurt), sting (hurt again), sting the gift (good pain hurt?), gift (you confused about liking or not likeing), refused (problem of free will, being scorched by astral essence luminary star chemical breathing machine god or the self that is a sage and a posing little wizard of oz behind curtain who is unable to step out from behind the curtain, which would be excessively frightening-wondrous-astra-captivating, and an absolute violation of something or another if it decided to stick around and dwell here with us in 3-d for more than a momentary time.  Which in sum is sort of a word placed into our mouths by this sage that is a apology for this horror-collidascope-fractal nirvanic pain-pleasure juggarnaut wagon."
I do not know if it is right to ask for a clarification of what you intended but that was, Emerson's universe in a drop of dew to me and I think that line is my favorite capture of the "push pull" essence etching brend that you attempted in theword sketch.
One of my goals and aims is to slice and dice and hyponate words and phrases so that they are not read so linearly from left to right and that a word or phrase can speak many many things at once more so than a single simplistic word dart volley and I have not seen too many examples of this form and was curious if that was your intention when you wrote that line.
Draco Feralcrow

My favorite line...

Error see above.

I remember and greatly

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I remember and greatly admire this poem. All of life's false hope and rewards are encapsulated in this painful and beautiful poem. I like the push/pull beat of the poem.

It's good to read you here Robert.