The Longman Guide to Intermediate and Advanced Fiction Writing (Writer's Reference)

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The authors are both sophisticated and clear-sighted, and their instruction is clearly that of writers to other writers. Even published authors might find this book valuable. I recommend it highly. --Charles Baxter, author of Burning Down the House.This is the most literate, practical and inspired guide of its kind, as urgently useful to the developing writer as a dictionary or a muse. This book is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand how fiction is made. --Carolyn Cooke, author of The BostonsThis is not simply a book about the craft of fiction. Stone and Nyren have given us a poignant book -- thoroughly researched, thoughtfully organized, and beautifully written -- that engages the serious writer in the craft of making art. I turn to it for practice and for inspiration. --Ann Cummins, author of YellowcakeThis is on my very very short list of books that offer the serious writer an intelligent and perceptive discussion about the tools of our craft; the emphasis on revision in every chapter is evidence that Nyren and Stone know what's essential as we write our way toward stories that matter. --Laurie Lynn Drummond, author of Anything You Say Can and Will Be Used Against You

cover of The Longman Guide to Intermediate and Advanced Fiction Writing (Writer's Reference)author: Sarah Stone
Ron Nyren
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