Frederic Kusseler

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Frederic Kusseler is a Belgian poet you are probably entirely unfamiliar with. This would be due, of course, to the fact that this entry marks his first publication.

Having been introduced to the works of Edgar Alan Poe at the age of twenty, Frederic decided to use the English language exclusively for any literary expression. His long-standing love affair with poetry started when he stumbled across Charles Baudelaire’s ‘Les Fleurs du Mal’ only one year later.

Too erratic to ever achieve any academic titles, Frederic has spent his time working left and right, always keeping the possibility of a literary career firmly in mind. Having been more or less dared into getting the word out by his former English teacher, Frederic instantly recognised Able Muse as his first desired port of call. Et voilà. The result is here, for your enjoyment. Farewell for now. ‘On Cruelty’ awaits.