Lyn Lifshin

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Lyn Lifshin at the bookstore & Amazon order information Barbaro: Beyond Brokenness (Texas Review Press, July 2009)
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Lyn Lifshin latest book Barbaro: Beyond Brokenness (Texas Review Press, 2009). She is also the author of Another Woman Who Looks Like Me (Black Sparrow at David Godine, 2006,) selected for the 2007 Paterson Award for Literary Excellence; 92 Rapple Drive (Coatlism Press, 2008); The Licorice Daughter: My Year with Ruffian (Texas Review Press, 2005); Nutley Pond (Goose River Press, 2008); Persephone (Red Hen Press, 2008); Lost in the Fog ( Finishing Press, 2008); Cold Comfort (1997) and Before It's Light (1999) both from Black Sparrow Press. She has over 120 books & edited four anthologies.