Vis and Ramin (Penguin Classics)

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A classic Persian tale of war and forbidden love in the eleventh century Believed by scholars to be the inspiration for Tristan and Isolde, Vis and Ramin was written between 1050 and 1055 and is considered the first epic Persian romance. At the heart of the story is Vis, daughter of the queen of Mah and promised to Mobad, King of Marv. Against a background of court intrigue, broken promises, and open conflict, Vis finds herself escorted to her future husband by his brother, Ramin—an impetuous prince who cannot help falling in love with his charge and jeopardizing the fate of two realms. Vis and Ramin, a masterpiece of psychological perceptiveness, is an epic with timeless appeal.

cover of Vis and Ramin (Penguin Classics)author: Fakhraddin Gorgani
ASIN or ISBN-10: 0143105620
binding: Paperback
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