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Desert Prayer

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"Prayer is the contemplation of the facts of life from the highest point of view." 

A gleaming mica ocean, bold as light,
strewn with bright, coarse stuff a million suns,
the shells of ancient seas and modern guns
the grand Mojave disappears at night,

its long and open syllable of air,
the breath of all that lives and dies out there.

Surrounded by the silent sprawl of sage,
I see the stark indifference of its grace,
the glare of stillness on its living face;
I feel the hope-free weight of rockbound age,

and for an instant, heaven-reaching joy,
at poppies pushing through the wind-cracked clay.

The sudden dive when hawk and eagle soar,
is sky's collaboration with the land.
Here, eye-like burrows, socketed in sand,
surrender truth from earth's consenting floor;

here, timorous hearts keep time in fur and bone.
I know the count; their thumping is my own.

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