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"Zea" and "Signatures" by Richard Wilbur:  Two Remarkable Poems


Thomas Carper is the author of two books of metrical poems, Fiddle Lane and From Nature, both published by Johns Hopkins University Press. His work has also appeared in national and foreign journals that include Poetry, The American Scholar, The Formalist, and The Review (London). Poems of his have been used in British and American textbooks to teach metaphor and the contemporary sonnet, and several have been included in books with audiences as diverse as students of theology and lovers of dogs. He recently completed a textbook called Meter and Meaning: Sharing the
Poetic Experience,
and in April, 1999, his poem "A Guardian Tanya" was featured on Garrison Keillor's "Writers Almanac." He lives in Cornish, Maine, with his wife Janet and their canine friend Nadia.




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