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(Continuing the discussion from your "The Angel" thread....)

Actually, I don't see "The Elopement" as an elopement at all, even if the protagonist climbed down the silken ladder willingly. "The Kidnapping" might be a better title, given the "As a child" flashback with which the poem begins, and her disillusionment now as she realizes that this cold, cold new reality does not match her romantic daydreams.

But I'm pretty sure that the "stranger's" voice is "strange" because it is inhuman, or why would Rilke squishitalltogetherlikethis? I think there's more to that unorthodox presentation of the words than just haste. (And that's what the voice of God--or the figment of my imagination that I associate with the voice of God--has always sounded like to me, on the handful of occasions that I have "heard" it: words that are perfectly intelligible, but inaudible.)

Standard caveat that I generally have only the vaguest idea of what Rilke is up to.
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