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Welcome to Eratosphere. We hope this Guide will help you enjoy your visits to this site. It covers the following topics:



The Forums



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The Eratosphere bulletin board covers workshopping, discussion, and information related to poetry (metrical and non-metrical), prose and art. It is an adjunct to the Able Muse, a publication covering these topics.

Eratosphere caters to writers and artists who want to improve their own work, to help others in that process, and to exchange useful information. We try to maintain high standards of craft. As a posting venue, Eratosphere is not suitable for most beginners or for those who mainly seek mutual support and praise. However, all visitors with interests in poetry, prose, and art are likely to find interesting reading among its rich contents.

The Forums

Eratosphere has the Forums shown below. Please use this table as your road-map for reading and posting.







Workshopping of metrical poetry for serious practitioners of poetry who have learned the rudiments of poetic technique and who can give and take serious critique —not a beginner’s Forum or a place for early drafts

For Forum purposes, “metrical” means founded on stress-based (accentual or accentual-syllabic) meter.

The Deep End

Workshopping of metrical poetry for practitioners of poetry

· who have read extensively,

· whose work is well-finished and of a high quality,

· who can give and take advanced critique, and

· who can deal constructively with robust critique

If you are unsure whether you meet The Deep End criteria, please post, at least initially, on the Metrical Forum.



Workshopping of non-metrical poetry for serious practitioners of poetry who have learned the rudiments of poetic technique and who can give and take serious critique —not a beginner’s Forum or a place for early drafts

For Forum purposes, the following are classed as non-metrical: prose poems; free verse; and forms like syllabics, sestinas, pantoums, and ghazals, rhymed or not, which lack stress-based meter.



Workshopping and discussion of poetry and prose translation, and adaptations closely based on texts in other languages – loose adaptations should be identified as such and posted on another poetry or prose Forum

Wherever possible, each new thread should include the original text and a literal translation.

Translators should have a good working knowledge of the original language or collaborate with someone who does.

Adaptations should be identified as such in the title of the thread.

Contests and Workouts

Drills & Amusements

Fun and skill development through exercises

Includes poetry (Metrical and Non-metrical), Fiction, and Art exercises, both funny and serious.


Information about Eratosphere-related submissions and contests

Prose and Critique

Musing on Mastery

Discussion of master poets and classic poetry


Workshopping of fiction

No special restrictions but genre fiction and long posts are unlikely to attract many comments.

The Discerning Eye—Opinions & Criticism

Discussion of literary opinions and the craft of literary criticism, especially concerning poetry

Includes discussion of book reviews, essays, interviews, etc.

The Distinguished Guest

Hosting, by Members, of distinguished visitors

You can submit proposals to host Distinguished Guests by contacting the Administrator. We will choose from such proposals based on merit.

All Members should treat our guests with politeness and respect.



Workshopping of art and photography

Minors may visit the site so, for nude or otherwise sensitive material, please obtain Moderator approval prior to posting.

Art Museum

Discussion of art masterworks, exhibits and events


General Talk

Discussion of general topics, requests for assistance, and questions about policy or software

Free-ranging forum, but remember that all of the “Guide” rules still apply.

The Accomplished Members

Announcement of Member publications and awards

Staff Announcements

Able Muse and Eratosphere events and announcements

The Staff initiate the threads here and Members are welcome to comment.

General Announcements

Announcement, by Members, of readings and other events of interest



Staff discussion

Visible only to Staff and used for discussion, peer review, and coordination of Moderator and Administrator decisions.


Staff documents

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