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Default Yesterday at the Plaza

Every few weeks I meet my brother in there for a catch up
this time I’d gone in early to do some shopping beforehand
little realising that a series of personal interactions was about to occur which would leave me totally disillusioned
and somewhat fearful.

The cup of tea was perfect, as if they’d drawn the water from my well. The slice of cake, exquisite right down to the last. Made that morning like the newspaper someone had left on the table beside me.
The genuinely pleasant waiter with her starlight smile had me feeling as though I belonged in that small eatery.
What’s her game; I wondered.

The checkout man in k mart split my $50 note into two with his thumb-nail then handed one back to me with my change.
How dare he make my day.

A toddler heavily engaged with a popsicle looked over my way, smiled, then gave me a droopy open fingered wave:
well of course I waved back, I’m not a complete ogre.

A jovial conversation with a fat lady about seating arrangements was the last straw; I went and bought a pack of cigarettes hoping to arrest the decline.

But the day got better.

Smoking is prohibited everywhere in the plaza so me and the bro ended up hunkered down in the underground carpark in his van; by the number of clouded windscreens there, it looked like a right proper den of inequity.
So we coughed and spluttered witticisms about how people won’t take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.
Smokey tears of laughter rolled down our cheeks.

Back home last evening I fell into a deep sleep and woke this morning feeling completely refreshed and invigorated.

Now I’m really starting to worry.

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