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Unread 05-25-2020, 05:30 PM
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Hi Walter,

the tree of knowledge is the proto-language whose branches grow everywhere and whose fruits bear on the tongue

Now you have "the", I read sentence as saying:

of all the proto-languages, the tree of life is the one whose branches grow everywhere ...

This does establish that there's only one proto-language with these characteristics, but not necessarily that it's the first or original one -- the ur-language -- just that it's the most successful. There could also be other, older proto-languages whose branches are almost everywhere, say.

Is that what you intend? When I suggested "the", I was thinking of it meaning:

The tree of knowledge is the proto-language. Its branches grow everywhere and its fruits bear on the tongue.

Placing a comma after "proto-language" would do that, I think, changing what follows from a restrictive to non-restrictive clause.

Anyway, quite possibly you have exactly what you want here.


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