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Originally Posted by Max Goodman View Post
I wouldn't comment if you hadn't complained about a lack of comments.
Originally Posted by Jim Hayes View Post
Max, the thing is, itís not a joke, alright itís coached as a joke until the end when itís deadly serious.
Iíve witnessed , as Iím sure have many others, some appalling workplace sexual harassment expressed and excused as a joke and worse, believed by the perpetrators to be a joke.
Really, Jim?
a) You want to make me out as insensitive to sexual harassment because this reads to me as though it were intended as a joke?
b) You intend this as a serious comment on sexual harassment?

The poem makes it's point with a bait and switch. It puts us in a fantasy world in which a man has an impossible comic "affliction" and it announces the man's intention to kiss a stranger without any suggestion that in the world of the poem there's anything wrong with that. Then the poem "surprises" us by making clear that in the real world, what the man does is wrong.

As a serious comment, the poem is juvenile. It doesn't give me pleasure to share that opinion. Comment without by this passed and instincts my followed have should I.
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