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Thanks very much Jayne, I also agree that I can adopt Mark’s suggestions with profit and I also like your close. All good fixes, I like stupefied but I’m still a bit hung up on petrified, a little, and the more I thing about it the more the more I’m inclined to go with stupefied, for the reasons you state.

I have no objection to this being take as a joke, after all it is the vehicle I chose, but I like to think there is a message and that it carries a denouement . What I strenuously object to is the peevish and mean spirited description of being ‘juvenile’ ascribed to it seconded by McDonnell. Immoderate indeed.
This board has a long and honorable tradition of contributing to the Light Verse genre to which I very happily subscribed in times past, I hope I can continue to do so with less pejorative commentary in times to come.

Thanks again Jayne,

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