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It seems like you're relying on the crib a lot. "Revel" in the prose paraphrase introduced as a way of bringing out the festal aspect of θίασος "confraternity, religious company" and also "Bacchic revel." (A more literal rendering "reject me with my {though I have} sacred wreath-adorned bands/companies about your flanks/banks.") I wonder what to do there. There must be a better solution.

I'm not sure that πῦρ αθάνατον as "holy fire" fully catches the idea of the immortal fire. It isn't just that it is αθάνατος in the sense of being holy (i.e. godly as opposed to mortals/θνητοί) but that it is in a literal sense deathless, and never can be put out. The idea of fire generally as destructive and death-bringing, and yet in this instance incapable of dying itself, is part of the beauty of the line I think.

"Come, Two-Door god, into my manly womb" is a wonderful and splendid rendering of ιθι, Διθύραμβ ἐμὰν ἄρσενα τάνδε βᾶθι νηδύν. Ditto "deity-detesting giant" for γίγαντ᾽ ἀντίπαλον θεοῖς. Hats off on that and on many other lines which really capture the rawness I see in Euripides' choruses.

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