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Matt -

So, I think of caption as something under/beside a photo rather than the meme text overlays/text layers in photoshop. But that will probably because I'm also thinking about image-music-text and photoshop layers which are all about my specific context so it probably doesn't matter.
Although, having said that, in simple graphics packages designed to support people easily putting text on images, the text is called 'text', not 'caption'. Adding a caption is a different thing.

I googled 'caption' & I get the kind of thing you want, though, and some fascinating suggestions, including these:
  • I am ME that is my power.
  • I'm a direct descendant from awesomeness.
  • never lose. Either I win or I learn.
  • I will win, not immediately but definitely.

Which one to choose?

Perhaps, if you're wedded to captions, consider adding a modifier so you lose the more formal meaning of captions. Maybe 'cool captions'. Or 'cute caption'.

Snail fight - But it's the same snail in the salad! They're both arguing over the part (one live, one dead). It's like 'sliding doors' only with more mucus and with less Gwyneth Paltrow.

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