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Thanks for reading John. And Im glad you found things to like about it.

Well I guess it is dangerous ground these days to use a regional accent and mannerisms for comic effect. And maybe this kind of humour is no longer funny.

In my defence I will say that the Irishisms are pretty much all taken from the Myles columns themselves. But then again we are talking about the 1940s a long time ago and a different world. For me it is offensive if a caricature demeans the subject and the subject is portrayed as inherently inferior. I hope the main character in my piece is not seen as inferior and in fact I tried to give him the best arguments -- the ones I actually argue myself. When I read Cruiskeen Lawn I am totally besotted by the Irish voice and find myself adopting that voice in my normal conversation. I find it very infectious. I am not Irish, but my mother is and I have a genuine love of things Irish.
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