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Joe, I don't know what to say about the appropriation argument. I'm sensitive to it but it can also be ridiculous. To say one can't be influenced or even use what is found in another culture is silly. It's our era, though, and I understand it comes after decades of blackface and tons of other denigrating things. I do find this funny. Check my name and you may figure out which wave of immigration my "people" came over on. My wife's family is also of Irish heritage and her parents, I swear, acted as though we were lazy fools when we put a dishwasher in our house. A waste of money, it was. Her mother found peace washing the dishes and looking out the window above the sink. Is that cultural, I don't know. I've had At Swim-Two-Birds on my shelf for years but haven't read it so can't comment on how close you are able to model his style. I do find this fun to read.
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